Street Rights

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Street Rights is the monthly newsletter published by the HPLC. It is distributed to HPLC Lawyers, homelessness agencies and their case workers, and other HPLC contacts (including university law schools and community legal centres) in hard copy and soft copy.

The publication is targeted to our consumers – people experiencing homelessness - and their case workers. Through Street Rights we aim to inform and empower individuals in relation to their rights and to encourage them to access HPLC services. It is also used to publicise HPLC casework, events and projects.

If you have any feedback or ideas for the Street Rights publication, please contact [email protected].

Read edition 72 - July-August 2011, which includes:

  • 'We want a fair go!' - making discrimination of homelessness illegal
  • What are my rights? - what's the law relating to drugs and housing?

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