PILCH prides itself on being able to facilitate pro bono legal services for Victorian individuals and organisations in need.

However, where systemic failures and gaps exist in the legal system, individual referral and case work may not always be sufficient to address injustice or help those most in need.

In circumstances where the legal system presents with systemic deficiencies, it is important that advocacy and law reform work is undertaken alongside referral and case work. This combined approach can help individuals to access justice and also transform underlying societal structures that cause oppression, injustice and inequality.

PILCH is well placed to identify systemic failures in the justice system through its referral and case work. PILCH is committed to using the information it has gained through that work in its campaigns to bring about social change.

Our key focus areas are:

 - Access to Justice White - Human Rights White
 - Homelessness White - Not-for-Profit Sector White