The Indigenous Issues Project aims to increase the provision and efficacy of pro bono legal assistance to indigenous individuals and communities and engage in targeted law reform and strategic litigation.

The scope of the Project includes:

  1. Preparing a Research Report into the civil law needs of the Indigenous population and to determine how best PILCH might assist in meeting this legal need.
  2. Consulting with Indigenous NGOs and the organisations which assist them.
  3. Providing training and seminars on legal issues of relevance to indigenous communities.
  4. Preparing fact sheets and materials for Indigenous Not-for-Profit NGOs on legal issues to assist with good governance.
  5. Engaging in law reform and strategic litigation and making submissions where appropriate, on issues affecting the Indigenous population such as the establishment of a Compensation Fund for members of the Stolen Generation.
  6. Assisting and resourcing Indigenous organisations and groups to engage in law reform and advocacy.
  7. Promoting PILCH’s services for indigenous clients and the Indigenous Issues Project extensively to the legal profession, government and community.

As further information regarding the project’s activities is developed it will be made available here.