Past Projects

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PILCH’s Pro Bono Animal Legal Service, or ‘[email protected]’, was established in 2008. The project was guided by an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from Lawyers for Animals, Voiceless, Animals Australia, the Victorian Bar and PILCH Victoria member firms. PALS is now being run in New South Wales.

[email protected] primarily provided assistance to organisations that aim to:

  • protect endangered species and native wildlife;
  • promote biodiversity;
  • advocate for the ethical treatment of animals; and
  • increase public awareness of animal welfare and conditions.

The service was initially based in Sydney and was established in response to a growing need by animal protection organisations to access high quality, expert legal advice and representation to advance animal welfare through the legal system, including ensuring that existing legal protection mechanisms are enforced through the courts.

[email protected] worked with peak animal protection non-government organisations, acted as a broker between concerned individuals, peak animal protection organisations and the legal sector, and sought to ensure that organisations with a substantial knowledge and a legitimate interest in the area of animal protection were able to participate in and contribute to the formulation of legislative and regulatory animal welfare frameworks as they developed.