Working with Trans and Intersex Clients

This free PILCH training is the third session of a series aimed to increase capacity in the legal sector to assist GLBTIQ clients experiencing legal issues.

This training aims to provide lawyers and community workers with knowledge and cultural awareness to sensitively and appropriating respond to and work with trans and intersex clients.

The training will cover:

  • Understanding cultural awareness and sensitivities amongst the trans and intersex community;
  • Profiling case studies of legal issues facing trans and intersex clients including identity documents; and
  • Non-legal issues including appropriate referral pathways.

The training will be a seminar style with open discussion and case studies.

Who should attend: Referral, clinic and CLC lawyers and community workers who encounter trans and intersex clients experiencing legal issues.
The Neighbourhood Justice Centre, 241 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Time: 10am-12pm,  Wednesday 29 February 2012
Presenter: Karen Gurney (Neighbourhood Justice Centre), Sally Goldner (Transgender Victoria) and Tony Briffa (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Support Group)

Register below by 24 February 2012


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