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Welcome to PilchConnect's legal information webportal for not-for-profit community organisations.  We are able to provide this legal information for community organisations with the generous assistance of our partners and supporters. 

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Includes choosing the right legal structure; incorporation; tax; insurance; protecting your ideas and materials Includes governance; policies and procedures; annual general meetings; financial reporting; occupational health and safety Includes committee of management;  board of directors; office holders; volunteers; employees; contractors Includes fundraising; grants; raffles and gaming; gifts; wills and bequests Includes government contracts, access to services, personal information privacy, standards of care Includes events involving food; alcohol; travel; sporting or adventure events; campaigns and protests Tax and finance Including handling complaints; being taken to court; financial mismanagement and insolvency; criminal conduct Including changes to constitution or rules; amalgamation; working with other organisations; winding up an organisation Click here to find out more about how PilchConnect can help



The legal information on this webportal is relevant to community organisations in Victoria, Australia, and is current at the time of first publication. We are in the process of adding information relevant to not-for-profit organisations in other Australian states/territories. We encourage you to tell us what you think of our webportal.


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